Contact Microphone LM-Pro Wedge

Contact Microphone LM-Pro Wedge


(As used by the BBC Natural History Department)

The LM-Pro Wedge is a top of the range high specification contact microphone. Ideal if you're a professional or serious amateur. It can be used as a microphone for musical instruments, experimental sound recording, natural history recording and audio exploration. The CM LM-Pro Wedge is balanced and grounded to eliminate interference, this results in a very low noise floor and clean, crisp signal.


50mm x 20mm x 10mm - Unique Wedge Capsule Design comprised of two 20mm Piezo Disks

NEUTRIK - Professional 3 Pin XLR Connector

3 metre SOMMER - Goblin, Professional Microphone Cable

Waterproof Rubber Coating

Please Note this is a hand made product so your new contact microphone may have minor differences from the one pictured. Every microphone is checked and tested for quality before dispatch.

Reuse and Recycle

All products are dispatched in recycled and recyclable packaging, compostable zip-lock bags and natural maize starch packing nuts.

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