My Story

I began exploring sound with contact microphones in 2010 and I've been on a journey of discovery ever since. I started, as many do, by using cheap contact microphones purchased online and quickly realised that they were simply not up to the job, particularly in my preferred coastal recording environment. The answer was to start making my own and after years of research and development I eventually settled on a small number of refined designs. Following some flattering feedback from fellow enthusiasts, a successful run of private sales and an exciting commission from the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol, was born.

Simplicity, Quality and Affordability.

My philosophy is to keep things as simple as possible, fewer components means less to go wrong or wear out. I use the highest quality components, materials and construction methods to create simple 'plug and play' microphones that are tough, effective and affordable. I also offer custom products by commission, so if you haven't found what you're looking for here, get in touch using the Contact page and we can discuss your specific needs.

If you're new to contact microphones and hydrophones then I wish you the very best on the journey of discovery you are about to embark upon.

Spread the word, explore and create!


Alex Hobden - Founder of LimpetMics. & Lecturer in Filmmaking @ Brighton Film School.